Welcome to the La Consolacion College Biñan website and welcome to our community of parents, teachers and learners! Through this website alumni, students, parents  and members of the community  can now have a glimpse of  milestones of the school in academics, extra/co-curricular  as well as outreach activities.

It is indeed a privilege to serve as Principal of LCCBñ.  Our school has an outstanding reputation, we have enthusiastic students willing to learn, supportive parents/guardians who partner with us for their children’s education, and a dedicated professional staff committed to providing the students with a quality education.

Let us reflect and celebrate the great accomplishments of LCC-Bñ for the Level 2 accreditation by PAASCU as we clearly prove that our school’s academic performance continues to rise. We shall continue to provide every student our care and the very best educational experience in order to prepare them for life beyond school.

Enjoy LCCBñ school offerings and all the excitement it will bring!  Please feel free to visit us anytime get a feel for the vibrancy and strength of our wider school community!

School Principal